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Local Digital Ad Sales are Growing- Sales Analytics Key to Capturing More Dollars

by | Jun 14, 2018 | BIA, BIA ADVantage, Blog

“Driving sales growth today requires fundamentally different ways of working as well as outstanding execution across large, decentralized sales teams and channel partners,” McKinsey recently noted in an article on the benefits and effectiveness of digital analytics for sales. McKinsey suggests that there are 4 ways digital and analytics can drive effective changes. Companies that get this right, according to McKinsey, typically see 5 to 15 percent revenue growth with the same or improved margins. The first of the four ways, providing insights that sales reps need, is fundamental. However, providing that data in relevant and easy to use format is essential to getting sales to use the analytics.

BIA, with SalesFuel’s AdMall, launched a simple analytics tool to help local media sales teams to quickly identify digital advertising spend opportunity. For over 150 markets the top five digitally active businesses are provided in a local market intelligence platform, BIA ADVantage™ for over 70 different business subverticals.  Refreshed monthly, the leads are generated from local businesses that indicate digital revenue opportunities as determined by AdMall’s Digital Audit, a proprietary tool for scoring digital advertising spend activity and potential. The integration is part of an alliance between both companies to expand access to valuable local market analytics for local sellers.

McKinsey highlights that for local sellers digital tools and analytics insights, if correctly applied, offer a powerful way to accelerate and amplify sales growth.

“As media buyers look both locally and nationally to identify the right mix of traditional and digital channels for reaching local targets, it’s critical to have a complete understanding of the total ad pie along with local businesses to target.” said Dr. Mark Fratrik, SVP and chief economist, BIA Advisory Services.

“Developing critical local market data is our focus at BIA and now the addition of vetted business leads to our BIA ADVantage platform enhances our analysis with actual sales prospect information,” said Tom Buono, CEO and Founder, BIA Advisory Services.

SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith comments, “Our mission is to help teams sell smarter and our collaboration with BIA continues to improve our ability to help clients get the data they need to be successful. Our business leads combined with BIA’s local intelligence gives sales representatives the information they need to quickly and efficiently reach out to potential business prospects.”

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