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Local CTV and FAST Services Sales 2024 Outlook: Leading Local Insights Podcast

by | Feb 2, 2024 | BIA, BIA Podcast, Blog, CTV/OTT

The local media landscape is adjusting to the meteoric rise of Connected TV (CTV) with an increasing inventory of impressions available to advertisers with more providers adding ad-supported service tiers to the 85 percent of US homes with at least one streaming service. In a recent Leading Local Insights Podcast, BIA’s managing director Rick Ducey spoke with John Vilade, Head of Sales for Premion, for a comprehensive look into this transformative media platform and revenue trends for 2024, particularly in the all-important political category.

The episode sheds light on Premion’s pioneering sales structures and their strategic maneuvering in the linear and video marketplace. In a nod to the tactical use of local aggregators, I discuss with John how smaller local audience niches can be effectively targeted at scale. He points out that one part of the CTV space not sufficiently measured or valued is the profound implications of co-viewing on campaign success.

As local TV stations face inventory shortages due to the spike in political ad spending, we discuss how it will be essential to pivot to the strategies that will enable local media to flourish. Local TV station groups, in particular, that are increasingly courting FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) channels can leverage their owned content in news, sports, and other areas.

We are certainly at a moment where convergence of media, technology, and consumer demand creates an unprecedented opportunity for innovation and growth in local media. The lessons and strategies discussed in this podcast might offer a solid course for a thriving future in the local media space.

Listen now.