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Leading Local Insights Podcast: Broadcast Optimism that Won’t Stay in Vegas: BIA’s Outtake on the 2024 NAB Show

by | May 3, 2024 | BIA Podcast, Blog, Broadcast

The 2024 NAB Show in Vegas put a spotlight on the seismic shifts happening in broadcasting media and the energy feels contagious. The BIA team returning from the event, Christina Hurley, Rick Ducey, and Nicole Ovadia, share their takeaways and excitement in our latest Leading Local Insights Podcast.

In the podcast, they discuss how ATSC3 and AI implementations are moving from buzzwords to real-world applications. They also examine the auto industry and the advanced tech vying for space in the complex dashboard arena. Plus, they discuss the new possibilities for radio in light of the FCC’s approval of over-the-air geotargeting for FM stations.

What’s most encouraging for the industry is to hear Christina, Nicole and Rick explain that the journey from theoretical tech to actionable business use cases is well underway and that there’s no denying that we’re witnessing a revolution that will redefine our media experience for years to come.

You can listen to the podcast here, Broadcast Optimism that Won’t Stay in Vegas: BIA’s Outtake on the 2024 NAB Show. If you’d like to jump around, here are a few key chapter markers you can jump to:

04:08: Small and Medium Radio Forum

06:09: Future Opportunities for TV and Radio

07:53: AI Buzz – What’s Real

12:20: NextGen TV and Consumer Facing Developments around Datacasting

14:08: Broadcast Technology Deployments (Sinclair Broadspan)

15:59: AM Radio, Alerts and Warnings, and the Connected Car

21:00: New Tech in Radio Geobroadcasting

24:13: What’s Coming Next that the Industry Should Pay Attention To