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Leading Local Insights: Episode 9: Building Rate Cards for the Pandemic

by | May 14, 2021 | BIA, BIA Podcast, Blog, COVID Pandemic

In a recent edition of BIA’s Vantage Points series, Emilee Bond, director of the media vertical at Revenue Analytics had a conversation with BIA’s managing director, Rick Ducey, about using data, analytics, AI and a software platform to automate the process of building rate cards in the post-pandemic period where historical pricing signals may be more confusing than helpful.

Emilee and Rick continue this discussion in this week’s Leading Local Podcast, Building Rate Cards for the Pandemic.

As they explain, although the future looks brighter every day, we are still in the throes of a pandemic recovery economy.  As media organizations continue their journey down the road to a rebound, their ability to lean into data now sets them up for a successful long-term transformation.

It’s a moment when every dollar counts more than ever before so it’s imperative that broadcasters become more data driven during the recovery. By using data and predictive analytics, broadcasters can drive top-line growth through better pricing and inventory decisions. Plus, it is time for stations to strategically try to pull back on those no-charge spots they gave to loyal advertisers in the height of the pandemic. 

Listen now to get ideas on how to strategically adjust pricing policies and build rate cards to be more successful in today’s marketplace.

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