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Leading Local Insights: CTV Analytics and Insights with Justin Evans, Samsung Ads

by | Jul 22, 2022 | BIA, BIA Podcast, Blog, CTV/OTT

Media measurement is evolving and increasingly methodology and measurement is front and center. Justin Evans, Samsung Ads’ Global Head of Analytics and Insights recently joined Rick Ducey, BIA’s Managing Director and cohost Mitch Oscar, Director of Advanced Advertising Strategies at USIM to talk about this evolution in our Leading Local Insights podcast.  

Through Justin Evan’s career he has seen the rise of digital video and the changes evolving now with connected TV.  In both periods there is an initial paralysis by advertisers in moving money to new advertising channels. How does Samsung help advertisers overcome data paralysis?

According to Justin, on the Samsung platform the audience is spending 67% of their time viewing streaming video which should be an easy “yes” from advertisers.  However, the challenge to overcome lies in  traditional media where advertisers had firsthand knowledge -they could turn on the TV and see the investment.  For CTV advertising, ad servers determine the optimal audience target and the advertisers must rely on the data and performance reports to ensure they’ve reached the target audience.  This is very similar to when digital emerged 10 years ago. 

To overcome this, data analysts must present accurate and transparent information and explain it in a meaningful way to advertisers.

At Samsung their solution is  focused on helping the advertisers to overcome data paralysis by:

  1. Showing the multiple layers of the entire TV ecosystem
  2. Showing how their advertiser’s audience watch TV
  3. Showing where their campaign is running

One example Justin talks about in the podcast is the onset of Covid and its impact on consumer viewing habits. Samsung uses ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) data to track viewing.  ACR technology enables Samsung to capture both the linear and streaming behavior of the viewers.

 Within a couple of weeks Samsung developed new dashboards for clients to show these changes and are now updating this information quarterly to keep clients informed.

Samsung continues to innovate on their data stories and Justin says they are looking more at cross viewing and are using their viewer data  to measure deduplicated reach, or overlap within linear and the streaming buys, or overlap within the streaming buys. 

Listen to the podcast now for more insights on these topics.