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Leading Local Insights: Episode 6: Ad Spend within the Road Trips Super Vertical

by | Apr 21, 2021 | BIA, BIA Podcast, Blog, Local Advertising Forecast

The pandemic slammed the brakes on the vast amount of travel around the country last year and into the beginning of this year. Now, as the vaccine rollout reaches millions of people every day, there’s a strong sense Americans will plan a trip (or two) this spring and summer. It’s good news for businesses within the Road Trips Super Vertical, and they will be spending significant ad dollars to get their share of visitors/customers.

For this year, BIA estimates that $10.2 B will be spent on local advertising in the Road Trips Super Vertical (aka Leisure vertical). In context, this spend estimate is definitely up from the incredibly low spend of barely $8 B in 2020, yet still much lower than the 2019 ad spend level that reached over $13 B.

Now, how does the ad spend split over traditional and digital media and what ad channels are growing?

Celine Matthiessen, VP of Insights and Analysis, answers these questions in the podcast, Ad Spend within the Road Trips Super Vertical. She covers the ad spend by hotels and motels, museums, historical sites, gambling facilities, and motor vehicle dealers. She also identifies the specific digital channels attracting ad dollars.

(This webinar is part of our Local Digital Event Series we are hosting with SalesFuel each month. You can find the full line up of topics here: here.)

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