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Insights & Analysis: 2022 Client Favorites (So Far)

by | Nov 2, 2022 | BIA ADVantage, Blog, Broadcast, Radio

2022 has been a busy year. Reaching our 39th year in business, we’ve been focused on investing in our products and data, growing our team and expanding our insights and analytics services.  Plus, we’ve been spending a lot of time with clients to track what’s important to you. In this post, we compiled a few of your favorites that have been published in our BIA ADVantage service.

Who wouldn’t open a report with a cute pug on the cover. We all love our pets and advertising in the pet category, although may not be one of the largest spenders, catches everyone’s attention.

The pet care report focuses on two of BIA’s sub-verticals, Veterinary Services and Pet Supply Stores. This custom Pet Care Vertical will spend almost $922 million in 2022 with the majority of it being spent by Pet Supply Stores ($821 million). Direct Mail is the #1 media channel for the Pet Care vertical and this high Direct Mail spend will give Traditional Advertising the edge over Digital through the end of our current forecast in 2026.

After a cute pug, who can resist opening a report about food. Studies show that when we work, we spend a lot of time thinking about food and when a Supermarket report shows up in an email you can’t help but open it.

The Supermarkets & Other Grocery Stores Opportunity Report is an example of a new report type BIA started publishing this year.

Shorter than our Vertical Reports, the opportunity reports focus solely on one of BIA’s 96 sub-verticals in a compact report on a sub-vertical that presents current opportunities for media companies to generate revenue. The opportunities may be in Traditional and/or Digital media channels. The current opportunities with Supermarkets are with digital media channels as Supermarkets are now focused on online ordering and curbside pickup.

And when you don’t want to read, videos can be a welcome relief. So, queue the videos.

Share of wallet is a phrase we discuss with clients all the time. It is imperative to know the share that you and your competitors are getting in your local market. And not just similar competitors, all media.

Our new BIA Learning Series struck a chord when they covered how to use ADVantage to track what media is getting in a local market. Client favorites included a share of wallet video on radio and TV.

Finally, one of the favorite vertical reports published this year was on Healthcare. With all we’ve been through the past few years, it is no wonder Healthcare would catch people’s attention.

The Healthcare vertical has completely rebounded from its lows in 2019 with patients now flooding back to Doctors’ offices and undergoing elective hospitals procedures that they have been putting off.

BIA’s Healthcare report dives into 7 different sub-vertical’s media ad spending highlighting the top media channels and sub-verticals.

The Healthcare vertical is forecast to spend $11.8 billion dollars in 2022, and increase by $1.5 billion in 2023 to $13.3 billion. The report is part of a series designed to help local media organizations understand the media spending trends and behaviors of advertisers within key vertical industries. 

Of the reports we’ve highlighted, the Healthcare report is available for individual purchase in our shop. See it here.

We appreciate positive client feedback, but we are not done for the year! We have a lot coming soon, most importantly our 2023 U.S. Local Ad Forecast and a webinar on Recession-Proof Verticals on Nov. 30. Stay tuned!