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GotU Wins Stevie Award For SMB Facebook Ad Technology

by | Mar 8, 2017 | BIA, Blog

GotU, recently on stage at our ENGAGE conference talking about the shift from traditional digital models to results-oriented models, has just won a Gold Stevie® Award. The win recognized their customer-centric local Facebook advertising technology in the New Marketing Solution category. What is driving their success and what does it mean for local marketing?

GotU’s operating premise is that traditional digital advertising models no longer work for SMBs and publishers. Like others in the space, GotU contents that there must be a shift to models that can generate meaningful results. Newer result-oriented models offer a strong guarantee of reaching a number of people within the target audience, location-specific targeting, optimal frequency and an effective time period of the campaign. GotU contends this is a more effective way to sell advertising, and for SMBs to understand the real impact of their marketing investment.

To build on this theory, GotU has designed their technology to allow business directories and SMB marketing partners to launch Facebook advertising campaigns at a large scale. As a Facebook marketing partner, they are able to access the latest product updates and features. It seems the technology is proving successful, turning theory into action.

The Stevie Award  is a confirmation that GotU is delivering a solution that offers results and clients to small businesses. It will be fascinating to see what they do next. To learn more about their solution, click to read more about the case study they presented on our stage.