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BIA/Kelsey LIVE, Episode 8: Facebook Earnings, Uber’s Facelift & Yext Taps the Crowd

by | Nov 4, 2016 | BIA, Blog, Mobile-Social

What’s behind the numbers in Facebook’s blockbuster Q3 earnings? What does Uber’s UI refresh say about its direction? And what does Yext’s API mean for the future of location data?

These were a few topics on this week’s BIA/Kelsey LIVE.

Produced by Mitch Ratcliffe and featuring a rotating cast of analysts and guests, we’ll be live every Thursday at 10am PDT. Let us know if you have topic suggestions or want to join as a guest.

Meanwhile, check out the Episode 8 replay video below. Follow the chapter links to jump around.

BIA/Kelsey LIVE, Episode 8 Chapter Links

Facebook Q3 earnings, behind the numbers
Uber gets a facelift
Yext and location data’s next phase