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BIA Webinar: Local as a Service (LaaS) Martech Platforms Drive Local Media Spending

by | Nov 8, 2018 | BIA, Blog

BIA’s Local as a Service (LaaS): Brands Going Local on November 14th examines the promise for local publishers that the combination of MarTech platforms for automation and data for targeting audiences puts a big tool into the hands of CMOs that can drive higher spend in local media.

Our webinar on this topic features three top executives leading companies dedicated to solving a big problem facing national brand marketers, how to localize their brands to be more relevant to customers.

  • Frost PrioleauLaaS panelists 14Nov2018, Founder & CEO,
  • Jared Schusterman, Managing Partner & CEO, SproutLoud
  • David Pierpont, SVP Performance Media, Ansira
  • The panel will share their insights about the importance of meeting localization challenges and what kinds of innovations we can expect from the players in this industry segment.

    CMOs want to build and consistently deliver on quality and integrated brand experiences for customers and in-market target segments. The big shift these days is away from buying impressions and delivering marketing assets to creating and nurturing valued customer experiences and relationships. Most brand experiences for customers still come from offline shopping, and most of this shopping is local, often within 10 miles for where they live or work.

    This “localness” is a core part of customer identities that CMOs want to tap into in terms of brand association and building brand equity. CMOs know they are much more effective in their brand and engagement marketing when they localize their media activation rather deploying one size fits all campaigns.

    We often see double digit lifts in digital KPIs including search and web traffic, mobile app downloads, forms and other calls to action. With location signals we’re also able to associate foot traffic with brand campaigns to show campaign outcomes for local retail outlets. And with more data science and analytics, the industry’s even tying in actual point-of-sales outcomes tied back to media campaigns.

    All good, but it’s a non-trivial challenge to design and activate a local media strategy from the perspective of a national brand manager due to the complexities and costs of activation at scale.

    Enter the class of companies BIA calls Local as a Service. These MarTech platform companies provide national brands with the ability to develop brand policies, business rules, and locally optimized creative assets that can be deployed and optimized effectively in local via marketing automation, programmatic exchanges, and campaign stewardship.

    We expect this webinar will offer instructive insights on how data, tech, and increasing advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning are disrupting the old order by reducing friction, enabling business rule driven workflow, and supporting integration and customization at scale. Sign-up for complimentary registration here. Also check out BIA’s complimentary LaaS and other industry reports here.