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BIA Local Impact New York: What’s Trending in Local Advanced TV?

by | Aug 28, 2018 | BIA, Blog, Broadcast, CTV/OTT

While local TV groups and MVPDs strive to achieve significant revenue growth with their traditional advertising products, progress can be hampered by the increased spend shifting to digital ad platforms in local markets. BIA forecasts that digital media will increase from $46.9 billion to $77.7 billion by 2022. Traditional media as a group hold at about $96 billion. How much of this digital ad growth could be targeted by linear TV? What forms of ad inventory in linear TV will be most successful?

We’re devoting a session at BIA’s Local Impact: New York on September 26th to examine the advanced TV market, covering data-infusion, audience targeting, smart TV, OTT, and cross-platform solutions. It will offer an assessment of marketplace trends and leading indicators of what to expect next in terms of innovation and technology developments.

The session will be moderated by Mitch Oscar, director of programmatic TV strategy at USIM. He’ll be joined by Rachel Williamson, GM of Gamut; Charlie Holmes, who recently moved over from NCC Media to become SVP Sales at NY Interconnect; Vik Sharma, SVP Client Leadership – Media and Digital, Kantar Media; and Jim Wilson, president of TEGNA’s OTT company, Premion.

Each of the companies these executives are leading, are approaching opportunities in the video space a bit differently. This eclectic panel brings together a wealth of industry expertise and experience in linear TV, OTT, data-infused audience buying and programmatic TV. We’ll compare and contrast different business models, get views into what seems to working and what’s likely to achieve scale.

Be sure to check out our latest advanced TV webinar, co-hosted by BIA’s Rick Ducey and USIM’s Mitch Oscar.

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