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BIA Local Impact: DC Automation Comes to Spot TV, Kicking and Screaming

by | Apr 25, 2018 | BIA, Blog, Conferences

Frank FriedmanFrank Friedman, president of Publicis Media Exchange, is a major thought leader and influencer working to encourage automation in buying spot TV. TVNewscheck ran an article earlier this year on Friedman’s efforts to “trail-blaze” an automated buying system to place a $50 million buy. The buy was to consist of hundreds of TV stations in the top 60 markets and bridged across major players including WideOrbit, Katz and Cox rep firms. What happened and what’s next?

Friedman is headlining a panel of buyers and sellers at BIA’s Local Impact: DC to share insights, talk about lessons learned, and how to make local television more competitive with digital media. Joining Friedman will be E. W. Scripps’ execs Michelle Campell, senior director, national sales and Nicole Meade, programmatic account director and from Hudson MX,Will Batson, VP/director of sales.

The panel will take examine how well, or not, spot TV is dealing with growing pains in adapting to a fast-changing data-driven and tech-platform automated advertising marketplace. There’s lot at stake. BIA forecasts fast growth in digital spending, particularly mobile channels, in part because of the efficient audience targeting and automated buying platforms that greatly reduce transactional friction. We’ve seen cultural changes in the national television market in terms of development and acceptance of audience targeting solutions and underlying tech developed by networks, marketers, and vendors. As BIA has tracked for several years in our advanced advertising research, we’ve seen promising developments and advances in the local television market when it comes to advanced advertising solutions. But, we still have critical milestones to achieve as we discuss in our latest report, Advanced TV: Executive Views on Industry Progress & New Directions.

Join us for this unique panel that brings together buyers and sellers to share thought leadership, experience, and advice for how to grow the local TV marketplace. Register here.