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Attorneys Look to Mobile for Leads in 2020

by | Feb 10, 2020 | BIA, Blog, Broadcast, Local Advertising Forecast, Mobile-Social, Verticals

Law Offices and Attorneys Are Increasing Spend on Mobile Ads by 20% in 2020

Over $4.7 billion is spent by Legal Services (law offices and attorneys) in local advertising this year. This is up from nearly $4.6 billion in local ad spend in 2019. While traditional media still get a large portion of their spend, most of the growth will come from digital media channels and in 2024 nearly half of all spend will be digital with mobile being the largest channel.

BIA Advisory Services’ latest vertical industry report, “Insights into Local Advertising – Legal Services.” reports that in 2019, Legal Services spent 34.7% of their ad spend on digital media. In 2020, digital’s share of ad spend is forecast to increase to 38.3%.

Legal Services spent $732 million on mobile advertising in 2019, with spend forecast to grow 20% to over $881 million in 2020. By 2024, the end of our forecast period, mobile is forecast to be the largest media channel reaching nearly a quarter of total local ad spend among Legal Services.

So what should you take away from the report? Lawyers see mobile as the future to driving business and media sellers need to be prepared to sell targeted social, mobile and search in every offer .

BIA’s newly released “Insights into Local Advertising – Legal Services” report also discusses strategies local media sellers might adopt to become better marketing partners with their current and prospective legal services clients.

Accessing the Report

BIA ADVantage subscribers can login to access the Legal Services vertical report and run custom reports for local markets. The report can be purchased from our shop.