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Analyst Brief: Four Tips for Sales Transformation

by | Apr 29, 2016 | BIA, Blog, Conferences

Transforming ad sales from legacy media to digital aint easy. This can be seen in the relatively low success rate among media companies that sell both (i.e. newspaper). Meanwhile the debate rages on: separate or combine digital and traditional ad sales divisions?

But despite the challenges, transformation is attainable. Moreover, the current large scale consumption shifts to digital media make it imperative — even if margins, culture, and innovator’s dilemma stand in the way.  So how can sales transformation be tackled?

According to resident expert Stacey Sedbrook, the enormity of this challenge requires attacking it in parts. This includes lots of interlinked components such as culture. In fact, most of the magic of sales transformation is in people strategies like hiring and training.

“On the road to sales transformation, we get a lot of feedback about what doesn’t work,” said Sedbrook. “We know [it] isn’t easy and  takes a long time. In fact, successful sales transformation is really just a series of small steps that an organization and its people take.”

See Sedbrook’s entire address in the clip below, including tactics she has solicited from operators in the field that are currently in the thick of sales transformation. The same leaders (listed below) will take the discussion to the stage at next month’s BIA/Kelsey ENGAGE.

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