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Mitch Ratcliffe covers local and on-demand economy.

Expertise: Service Commerce, Video, Content Management Systems

Mitch Ratcliffe, a entrepreneur in residence, brings a unique blend of research, writing and entrepreneurial experience to BIA/Kelsey. His background combines journalism and serial entrepreneurship. After leading the visionary Digital Media: A Seybold Report and Digital World Conference in the early 1990s, he helped launch, where he was a first-round investor on behalf of SoftBank and a board member for three years; (advisor and product consultant, 11 years); ON24 (founding team, chief content officer); and Twelve-Fold Media (formerly BuzzLogic, co-founder and chief scientist). Before partnering with BIA/Kelsey, he focused on engineering projects at Microsoft and Hibu for six years.

Mitch’s specialties include media development and production, on-demand local services, consumer web software design and program management, and business strategy and development. He is an author, editor and commentator and conducts research in social software, security, identity management and emergent organizations. He holds an early patent in social media analytics, “Social analytics system and method for analyzing conversations in social media,” on which he founded BuzzLogic. Mitch has published more than 2 million words and produced 86,000+ videos.

Mitch earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Washington State University.

Fun (Amazing) Fact

Mitch has a bionic neck.

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