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Ishan Singh covers analytics.

Expertise: Data Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Data Wrangling & Visualizations

Research Data Associate Ishan Singh is a member of BIA Advisory Services’ team. He works closely with other members of the organization helping tune the existing processes and develops new methodologies for the many different databases. He is mostly focused on predictive and analytical projects.

Previously, he has been a part of several great teams in software development and data science and, has worked on terabyte-scale big datasets to produce analytical results.

Ishan holds a bachelor in Electrical Engineering and a Master in Data Analytics from George Mason University. He has also worked on several projects in Artificial intelligence using deep neural networks.

Fun Facts

Unlike humans, his day starts with logging into the Python programming environment. He loves to talk about science fiction movies and, is a big believer that AI would change the world. He spends his weekend reading about AI or, watching a Sci-Fi movie. Also, he is the newest member of BIA Team.

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