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Derrick DeCarlo covers agencies.

Expertise: Agencies, Audience Data & Measurement, Radio/TV/Digital Advertising

Derrick has over 20 years of sales and consulting experience working with major media groups and publishers to grow their digital and mobile business. Derrick works with publisher groups and their advertisers to leverage their new media assets growing audience and revenue including ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, Cox, Raycom, Gray, Hearst, McClatchy, Tribune, Nexstar, Scripps, and Univision.

Derrick works with the executives and sales teams on cross media campaigns generating true sales success at the local, regional and national level. This includes sales strategy, training, evangelism and analytics. The focus is engaging with potential customers (not just getting a click!) and strategically integrating digital with traditional media for maximum impact.

Derrick has taken his knowledge of technology and media to the next level by becoming a programmatic and data-driven marketing expert. He has twice built private publisher mobile ad exchanges bringing together premium publisher inventory with brand safe ad demand partners. Derrick has worked with several media groups, DSP’s, DMP’s, SSP’s on programmatic strategies for the highest possible yield, audience quality and attribution.

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