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Social Sharing Goes Local

Among technology sectors transforming media, social sharing tops the list. This refers to mobile users sharing pictures via Instagram, video via Snapchat or location status via Facebook. It’s especially prevalent among increasingly buying-empowered millennials. When effective, social sharing can harness…

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Local Scheduling Platforms: An Anchor for Commerce

More than 75 scheduling programs currently compete for a potential marketplace of 2.6 million SMBs. These include horizontal SaaS scheduling providers; vertical subject specialists; and vertically integrated SMB marketing players that provide a wide range of services. Which types of…

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Status and Review of Card-Linked Offers-2015

Card-linked offers (CLOs) are marketing offers that are intelligently targeted to consumers based on credit card/debit card or loyalty card transactions. Often linked to electronic wallets or e-payments, they represent an alternative to advertising, and are potentially revolutionary. To assess…

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