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This sponsored report was commissioned by bieMEDIA as is available for complimentary download

Sponsored by video marketing firm bieMEDIA, “Video: The Conversion Media” from BIA/Kelsey examines the use of video as a critical tool for driving conversion at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Once considered the exclusive domain of well-funded companies, video marketing is now easily within the reach of SMBs, many of whom are finding that online video offers remarkable return on investment and acts as a vital means of securing prospective and repeat customers.

In “Video: The Conversion Media,” BIA/Kelsey surveys the landscape of video marketing and identifies winning methods for targeting customers at key stages in the customer lifecycle, including discovery, engagement, consideration, purchase, and retention.

In addition, we interview important players in the video marketing arena, gleaning valuable insights on the effective use of video in the age of microtargeting.

The report includes a helpful chart for planning video programming for customer engagement goals as well as a comprehensive glossary of video program types, many newly emerging.

Report Sections

  • Video: Growing Investment, Increasing Returns
  • Video Now: Ubiquitous and Affordable
  • Markets of One-to-One Conversations
  • Why Isn’t Everyone Shooting?
  • An Audience of One, Multiplied
  • Programmatic Thinking
  • Using Video in SMB and Corporate Marketing

Data Highlights

“Video: The Conversion Media” includes data from BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor™ (LCM) survey, highlighting the role of video in the arsenal of local marketers and the perceived return on investment from video marketing.

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