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National and regional businesses see local – advertising, marketing, promotions and services – as an opportunity to drive more relevant engagement with their customers.

Market research is backing up this assertion. BIA/Kelsey’s U.S. Local Media Forecast projects that locally-targeted spend by national businesses (brands, franchises, dealer/manufacturer networks and other multi-location enterprises) will grow to $52.9 billion by 2017. And, nearly two-thirds of national brands declare that they currently invest in local marketing.

One component that will be key to supporting the projected growth is the ability of brands to implement a scalable, digital marketing solution across their national-local networks.

Scheduling software has seen its ups and downs. But it is currently poised to take off, due to the emergence of a cloud-based environment marked by on-the-go mobile services and scheduling’s integration with email, point of sale systems and billing. Indeed, scheduling has been seen as a key connector for the next phase of closed loop marketing. At the top of the sales funnel, it is directly associated with search and discovery.

Peter Krasilovsky, Vice President and Chief Analyst, BIA/Kelsey, Report Author

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Questions addressed in the report include:

  • Spend on locally-targeted advertising and marketing by national brands is accelerating. What are the smart digital investments that enterprises should make to generate ROI across their networks?
  • “Owned” and “earned” digital media channels present new challenges for driving tangible results. With ROI still murky, how can business value be demonstrated at all levels of an organization?
  • The marketing priorities of corporate and local entitles often do not sync. How can service-supported platforms enable the coordination of lead generation strategies and tactics?

More details about this report available in press release, Multi-Location Businesses Investing Aggressively in Digital for Local Marketing.

Who should read this report?

Brands, franchises, dealer networks and all other multi-location enterprises – and the agencies working with them – looking to unlock the power of their networks through effective national-to-local digital marketing.

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