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Programmatic TV, Addressable TV and Contextual Audience Networks

The insight report “The Rise of Advanced TV Platforms: Programmatic TV, Addressable TV and Contextual Audience Networks” examines three different parts of the advanced TV ecosystem:  addressable TV, programmatic TV and a grouping this report defines as “contextual audience networks” (CAN). As explained in the report, CAN defines the endeavors by major TV network-owned media companies to utilize advanced data analytics to support the simultaneous sale of their linear TV inventory across all their portfolios.

Key elements of the report are exclusive leadership interviews with the following companies: A+E Networks (A+E Precision), AMC Networks, Fox Networks Group (FOX AIM), Simulmedia, SintecMedia, SwellShark and Verizon/AOL Platforms.

The report’s in-depth review of the advanced TV ecosystem offers assessments on where the industry trend lines are heading. Read this report to understand the growing opportunities and to learn from experts leading the efforts.

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