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This sponsored report was commissioned by Acquisio as is available for complimentary download

As marketing rapidly changes, existing channels such as pay-per-click are not becoming irrelevant; they are becoming commodity channels subject to close management using better understood goals and metrics. This makes them solid building blocks for more aggressive and complex marketing programs.

Combining low-cost PPC inventory with machine learning lets the traffic perform in the hands of a skilled PPC manager, turning commodity inventory into prime grade customer leads. Lower cost-per-click and higher traffic flows should be of interest to any small business.

Why You Should Read ‘PPC: The Evolution of a Keystone Customer Acquisition Tool’

Download and read the report to learn:

  • How to navigate the complexities of the modern marketing funnel, creating deeper engagement with customers based on insights into their preferences.
  • How PPC, using targeting and optimization, can produce segmented and qualified customers after the traffic has passed through the funnel.
  • How machine learning algorithms from PPC cross-platform vendors such as Acquisio can provide higher conversion rates on a fixed budget.

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