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Digital supply chain management, which has transformed enterprises into efficient just-in-time operations that want to minimize waste and improve cash flow, has begun to reach into the local market. Small businesses can participate for the first time now that cloud-hosted asset-tracking capabilities are available. Its profound impact will be felt in every business, leaving those that decide to remain unconnected at a serious disadvantage.

In this white paper, BIA/Kelsey lays out a vision of increasingly responsive local marketing based on local delivery of products and services using location-based asset-tracking services.

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BIA/Kelsey projects local location-targeted advertising will generate $29.5 billion in 2020 revenues, 40.6 percent of total local mobile advertising. Consequently, the local market will be turned inside out in the next decade, as small business and brand managers alike embrace IoT and the idea that products and services can be combined locally to create unprecedented customer intimacy and engagement.

Mitch Ratcliffe, Senior Analyst & Digital Media Strategist, BIA/Kelsey 

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Download and read the report to explore:

  • How asset and resource tracking enables improved customer experience and increased revenues

  • The size of economic opportunity created by asset-tracking services

  • Improving cash flow and customer satisfaction through active management of inventory

  • How to use asset tracking to provide previously impractical local, on-demand services

  • The technical and business considerations for a company considering asset-tracking technology

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