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More than the scope of data use is changing today. Marketers have many more channels to address potential customers, and customers are sharing more data than ever before. But most organizations still treat data purchases with the relatively casual due diligence that dominated when mailing was the only imagined use for a business or consumer contact list.

Today, data is an essential aspect of planning, from the initial product concept through delivery, as well as providing the basis for enhanced customer engagement and post-purchase service and support.

This white paper explores how analysts can use an initial wide-ranging investigational step to discover target customers followed by refinement of selection criteria. It examines how to narrow the data purchase to match company customer goals and objectives.

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A Data-Driven Approach to Marketing Information Acquisition

Why You Should Read 

Download and read the report to learn the benefits of a “unique” and effective approach to data acquisition, which include:

  • Criteria and methods to select third-party data sets
  • Emphasis on data quality, and how to verify data through testing
  • The importance of “flexible” data licensing arrangements supporting many relevant use cases.
  • The added value of utilizing and maximizing third-party data throughout your entire organization
  • The ability to blend internal first-, second- and third-party data analytics to benchmark overall performance

Who should read this report:

  • C-Level Strategists
  • COOs
  • CMOs
  • Marketing leadership
  • Marketing analysts
  • IT and Operational staff

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