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This sponsored report was commissioned by Advice Local as is available for complimentary download

The customer’s path to purchase is changing. Technology, consumer preferences and, often, managerial decisions at major search companies can reshape industry strategy. Consumer use of mobile has changed the changed the consumer purchase journey to hundreds of real time, purchase driven micro moments. Many businesses are failing to keep up with competitors’ local presence and consequently losing opportunities to be in front of consumers making buying decisions.

Working with Advice Local, BIA/Kelsey explored best in class strategies for a solid foundation that agencies, publishers and SMBs can use to ensure they are present in consumer’s moments of need. Taking control of local digital presence is just the first step.

Who should read this report:

  • CMOs, brand managers, digital agencies, businesses and digital marketing professionals.
  • Why You Should Read ‘Consumer Micro Moments &Business: Trends and Best Practices’

Download and read the report to learn:

  • How consumer path to purchase has changed and how Google is changing their mobile, local and search results strategies as result. What that means for businesses and what they need to do to be in front of consumers in these micro moments.
  • The impact of mobile on the path to purchase.
  • Ten best in class presence strategies  businesses can use to be present in the micro moments.
  • How Advice Local helped moving companies with one minor change to their mobile websites capture more consumers in need of moving quotes

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