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The smartphone era has vaulted the importance of phone calls as high-value, high-intent lead sources for business – an opportunity termed “call commerce.”

Just ask Facebook, Google, and other tech giants that continue to put voice calls at the center of their consumer experiences and revenue models. At BIA/Kelsey, we estimate click-to-call influences more than $1 trillion in U.S. consumer spending.

Learn about all the factors converging to create a tremendous opportunity for marketers. This report covers where call commerce is today, where it’s going tomorrow, and what you need to start doing and thinking yesterday.

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The mobile formats that launch voice calls to businesses are broadening. This affects and informs anyone driving and tracking high-intent phone leads to businesses, especially in high-value call-centric verticals like autos and financial services.

Michael Boland, Chief Analyst and VP of Content, BIA/Kelsey

Call Commerce: A $1 Trillion Economic Engine

A CMO Guide to the Click-to-Call Opportunity

Who Should Read Report

  • CMOs and marketing executives
  • Search marketing and ad agencies
  • Local advertising resellers
  • AdTech or MarTech companies
  • National advertisers and brands that compete in local markets
  • Any organization that receives new business leads or customer service queries by phone
  • Any organization that has large-scale telesales operations
  • Providers of call center software platforms
  • Providers of enterprise software, such as CRM or marketing automation
  • Journalists, analysts or investors tracking tech, media and advertising evolution

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