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Today’s large, complex transactions often require an independent Fairness Opinion from a credible, reliable third party to ensure a successful outcome for all parties.

BIA/Kelsey, a leading media valuations firm, and BIA Capital, a research investment bank, deliver high quality, defensible assessments of a transaction’s fair market value. Our neutrality is trusted and often sought for rulings by the federal government.

The BIA/Kelsey and BIA Capital team has earned the reputation for delivering on four key components of any Fairness Opinion: Knowledge, Access, Speed and Price.

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Distinguishing Components of Our Services


The team of BIA Capital and BIA/Kelsey has developed a wealth of proprietary data about the media, telecom, and information services industries based on our lengthy tenure advising companies and tracking these industries. Our unique set of data gives our team the critical intelligence necessary to deliver accurate valuations and to appreciate the nuances of your customized transaction. 


Our longstanding tenure in the industry has allowed us to develop an unparalleled network of senior-level resources necessary to complete projects effectively.


Our financial team offers over 100 years of combined experience in the media, telecom, and information services industries. Our team knows how to efficiently perform projects in a productive, fast manner.


We use our knowledge, industry access, and experience to deliver quality services for a reasonable price. We will not be beaten on price or quality of service.

Expert Valuation Team

Lauren Ross

Expertise: Valuations, Appraisals, Digital & Traditional Media

Geoff Price

Expertise: Media Industries, Asset Appraisals, Fair Market Valuations 

Michael Boland

Michael Boland covers interactive and mobile media. Expertise: mobile advertising, pay-per-call, digital forecasting

Natalie Naples

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Expert Management Team

Gregg Johnson

Managing Director, BIA Capital Strategies, LLC

Charles Wiebe

Managing Director, BIA Capital Strategies, LLC

No other financial firm has the depth of information, experience, and knowledge that the BIA Capital and BIA/Kelsey team possess.

Contact us today to discuss your current or upcoming projects. We would be happy to explore how our team can assist you to ensure a successful transaction that meets the requirements of your company and all its constituencies.

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