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Small businesses have utilized online marketing to grow their business and attract new customers for as long as the web has been around. However, a challenge often faced by SMBs and the marketing services providers that support them is how best to allocate marketing budgets to maximize search engine visibility to attract online consumers.

Search engine optimization has emerged as one of the most effective ways to gain visibility in search results, but is also complicated to manage; requiring active engagement, updated authentic content, and time to develop web relevance. Social media, and the content created from it, has emerged to help with that process.

View this webinar to examine how SEO and social marketing investments can aid in driving top ranking search results for publisher/media seller SMB customer portfolios.

Panelists Kelly Shelton, VP Marketing at Boostability, and Abid Chaudhry, Senior Analyst at BIA/Kelsey will discussed:

  • How to balance the complexity of SEO and social content management with the need to stay aligned with customer in-store and online messaging
  • How and when SMBs should add SEO and social marketing to their sales investments.
  • The optimum approach for sellers of marketing automation to expand their product mix to include SEO and social marketing.

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