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Small and medium-sized businesses will spend $51.5 billion on local digital marketing in 2015 and it’s how they plan to spend those dollars that is interesting, as their top priorities are changing dramatically.

For decades, the local media space focused on selling advertising products to SMBs. Today, however, with rapid advances in digital tools and platforms, SMB spending is shifting from media to marketing services.

What innovations and new practices are having the greatest impact on the way SMBs spend their marketing dollars? BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor™ asks and answers this question.

LCM has been tracking SMB spending on advertising and promotion since 1999. Data from LCM Wave 19 is fresh in from the field and scheduled for release in September. Join us now for a preview of the top insights we anticipate this wave of the survey will reveal about how SMB marketers are moving “beyond advertising.”

This webinar previews LCM Wave 19 and the BIA/Kelsey SMB conference, by examining:

  • Advertising goals and objectives for SMBs
  • The make-up of the SMB marketing toolkit – the new focus on customer relationships grounded in social and mobile media
  • New survey questions asked this year (and why)
  • What LCM tells us about the future of SMB marketing
  • How BIA/Kelsey SMB conference speakers and sessions will address the trends LCM Wave 19 reveals

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