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“We’ve been a user of Media Ad View data for several years and it’s invaluable for identifying new opportunities to generate advertising revenue. The level of detail around all the business categories allows us to drill down and identify ad prospects and their media channels of choice so we can train and position our sales teams effectively. I believe Media Ad View has helped me find revenue I might have otherwise missed.”

“I use Media Ad View in a number of different markets to understand and establish benchmarking goals. Too many times, media and sports properties narrowly focus on the market revenue affiliated with their particular sector rather than on the total available media dollars. Media Ad View explains the size of a local market and each category thoroughly, giving us a complete picture of the total ad dollars available in a local market. It’s invaluable.”

“Before BIA/Kelsey, we only had information on ad spending for television. Now, with the BIA/Kelsey’s Media Ad View, we get a perspective on the total ad spend for each of our markets.”

“Media Ad View shows us where various types of businesses spent local media dollars today and where they are likely to spend tomorrow. These insights are critical in helping us determine the types of media we source for Adverator users.”

“BIA/Kelsey developed a strategic vision for AutoTrader while painting the positive and cautionary aspects of moving into this space. Besides providing supporting material for the board decision to acquire a company, BIA/Kelsey also provided actionable steps that needed to be addressed post acquisition.”

“MEDIA Access Pro data is extremely reliable and one of our main sources for verifying personnel changes in the industry. It’s also an easy system to use and update.”

“The data integrity of MEDIA Access Pro is top-notch and the customer service is beyond compare.”

“We are a long time user of Media Access Pro. It’s a great tool that provides us the ability to spend our time analyzing data, not compiling it from a variety of sources. The flexibility in query options, the multimedia aspects and the mapping programs combine for a superior product from one source. The product just keeps getting better.”

“BIA/Kelsey does a great job of bringing together the leading decision makers to discuss the pertinent topics shaping the local media space. BIA/Kelsey conferences find the right balance of content sessions and networking. I always learn quite a bit when I attend the conferences.”

“I just wanted to say thanks for the effort in putting me in touch with a few potential partners to explore some win-win opportunities. I must say that of all the conferences I’ve attended, I feel the most personalized attention and warmth from the BIA/Kelsey team. Keep it up – as that’s a key differentiator!”

“You showed us it is all about the quality of attendees. UBL has one contract from the conference equal to all the revenue we did last year. We continue to see value in working as a sponsor for BIA/Kelsey events.”

“The gathering was a huge success for us and post-event follow up has been all-consuming.”

“Great way to meet publishers and other companies wanting to reach SMB’s.”

“As a first time attendee I was a bit curious to see how the conference would play out after hearing ‘nice reviews’ through the grapevine over the years. My feedback is simple: If you’re serious about growing your media business, the BIA/Kelsey conference is a must-attend event, period. I had the pleasure of meeting countless industry veterans, rising-star-entrepreneurs, and potential vendors that could add value to our existing business. The executive-level presentations and networking force a certain level of deep-thought to evaluate and maneuver through the digital world we live in, translating to a great investment of both time and money.”

“Once again, unbelievable conference! I really enjoyed learning more about the YP business, and continuing to meet more of the vendors and service providers.”

“Once again we want to thank you for making the LEADING IN LOCAL conference so much fun for us. We met a tremendous number of people that we think can become future partners or customers. You and the entire BIA/Kelsey team were always there to support us. Thanks again.”

“BIA/Kelsey conferences have continued to get better and better and with each one, more and more essential for those in the local interactive space. Boston was the best yet. In an industry where next week’s news is already too old, BIA/Kelsey conferences allow a great perspective into the future of local online as well as the current landscape.”

“I cannot begin to thank the BIA/Kelsey team for what you have done for us. The exposure we have gotten through the Future Stars program has vaulted the company forward by 8-12 months (conservatively). The amount of time it would take me to get in front of all of the people at the conference individually would take many months and thousands of dollars. Thank you all for giving UpRing a platform and a chance to succeed.”

“I attend at least 2 or 3 of your events a year and without fail. From some new marketing takeaways to larger strategic understanding of our industry, I definitely get excellent value from my attendance. Every conference, every year, I walk out with ‘best ever’ on my lips. I attend many conferences across the local search and advertising industry and BIA/Kelsey conferences are far and away the best.”

“Local advertising and commerce remains the largest untapped big-pocket opportunity for Internet companies. … At the conference, we came across search engines, social media companies, review websites, daily offer platforms, web services companies, vertical/niche websites, content syndication platforms, and traditional media companies – all focused on tapping into local media dollars.”

“You seemed to have hit the rare trifecta of high quality attendees, informative sessions and great organization. Looking forward to the next one.”

“Thanks for putting on a great conference. The programming was great and the crowd was again excellent. We are so glad to leverage ILM as a platform to build cool things for this industry!”

“The BIA/Kelsey Leading In Local conference delivers focused content and broad networking opportunities with the key players – and all under one roof!”

“The show really was a great few days. Not only were the sessions super compelling, but we made some great connections as well.”

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