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“We’ve been a user of Media Ad View data for several years and it’s invaluable for identifying new opportunities to generate advertising revenue. The level of detail around all the business categories allows us to drill down and identify ad prospects and their media channels of choice so we can train and position our sales teams effectively. I believe Media Ad View has helped me find revenue I might have otherwise missed.”

“I use Media Ad View in a number of different markets to understand and establish benchmarking goals. Too many times, media and sports properties narrowly focus on the market revenue affiliated with their particular sector rather than on the total available media dollars. Media Ad View explains the size of a local market and each category thoroughly, giving us a complete picture of the total ad dollars available in a local market. It’s invaluable.”

“Before BIA/Kelsey, we only had information on ad spending for television. Now, with the BIA/Kelsey’s Media Ad View, we get a perspective on the total ad spend for each of our markets.”

“Media Ad View shows us where various types of businesses spent local media dollars today and where they are likely to spend tomorrow. These insights are critical in helping us determine the types of media we source for Adverator users.”

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