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Ready to tap into your local advertising opportunities?

Unlock Your Ad Revenue Potential with BIA’s U.S. Local Advertising Forecast & Analyst Insights
Available in BIA ADVantage Service or Data Download

BIA’s U.S. Local Ad Forecast helps TVB Members maximize their revenue potential and tap into local advertising opportunities.

BIA’s forecasts are a game-changing resource that tracks nationwide and local market advertising. Its meticulously crafted to provide you with valuable insights into the dynamic landscape of U.S. advertising. The forecast explains the current year and provides historical and future advertising revenue data across key media and 96 sub-verticals.

Rely on BIA’s forecast (along with our well-respected analyst insights) instead of guesswork when setting budgets and going up against competitive media. With our forecast you can:

  • Compare the advertising spend of a business vertical across media so you can allocate resources wisely and optimize your revenue streams.
  • Track the advertising share for ALL different media outlets in your local market so you can ensure that your media platform is maximizing its revenue potential, leaving no opportunity untapped.
  • Understand how advertising dollars may fluctuate from past years so you can identify potential risks and capitalize on the best offers to present to advertisers.
  • Get access to all of BIA’s insights and analysis in the form of reports and private briefings so you are always aware of market dynamics and prospects.

BIA’s timely and comprehensive forecast updates ensure you have the most current data and local market analysis at your fingertips.

Special Offer to TVB Members

Ready to get access to your local market forecast?

We understand the importance of accurate data, actionable insights, and staying ahead of the competition. That’s why we offer our forecast either through our BIA ADVantage subscription service or as a convenient data download. You have the flexibility to choose the method that works best for you.

BIA ADVantage Access

One-year subscription that grants you full access to BIA’s Forecast for 2020-2027 on the ADVantage platform.

This comprehensive package includes the ability to view and export data for your local TV market, as well as access to all of our reports, analysis and briefings.

Priced by market rank ($1095-$1995) with 20% discount for TVB Members.

Data Download w/Updates

One-year subscription to BIA’s U.S. Local Forecast data for your local TV market. Data is delivered in an easy-to-use Excel file. Additional excel files delivered throughout the year (2-3 times) as the forecast is updated.

Does not include BIA’s reports or private briefings.

Priced by market rank ($795-$1,495 with 20% discount for TVB Members.

BIA is a trusted advisor. Together we can help you identify opportunities and generate revenue.

To get started today, email Want to see reports available for purchase? Click here.

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