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Delivering actionable intelligence, data and services in key areas of local advertising and marketing.

The locally targeted media and tech space spans traditional and digital media and marketing platforms for national, regional and local marketers. Key growth drivers in the evolving media mix – such as video, mobile, social, programmatic and native ad units – are combining with marketing tech to deliver the most effective audience targeting solutions the industry has ever experienced.

It’s an exciting time filled with tremendous opportunities and competitive challenges.

BIA/Kelsey’s unique framework, Local Commerce Universe (LCU), helps our clients understand what’s going on, anticipate trends and define the best business strategies to accelerate (and ensure) success.

Focused on Everything In and Around Local

Businesses operating in the local advertising and marketing marketplace must efficiently and effectively:

  • Define the marketplace in which they are doing business.
  • Understand the trends, competition, value propositions affecting the marketplace.
  • Develop strategies for current and future success.

By observing and tracking the marketplace from our holistic Local Commerce Universe (LCU) approach, BIA/Kelsey delivers the proprietary data products, insights and analysis and consulting services that help clients understand the changing landscape and determine their best steps for future success.

The LCU framework offers a powerful way to examine a company at three distinct levels:

  • Position (How are companies diversifying and positioning themselves?)
  • Competition (What’s the impact of emerging competition? What trends in funding reveal high growth opportunities?)
  • Service & Product Offering (Is a company delivering unique, high-valued offers to the marketplace it wants to serve?)

Building on our LCU, our services, insights and products are oriented directly at achieving incredible success for clients. Learn more about our four main areas of focus that we drill into for clients:

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