Stock Valuations

Stock Valluations
Assess the Value of an Equity Interest in Your Company

The rapid changes in today's markets, combined with the ups and downs of the economy, have a significant effect on the fair market value of a company's stock. Stock values affect tax planning, the value of compensation plans and more, making their accurate valuation critical.

Assessing this important asset requires experience and rigorous due diligence. BIA/Kelsey has completed more than 5,000 client engagements for companies ranging from Fortune 500 to small and midsize start-ups. Our experts possess the knowledge and skill to reliable value stocks for media, technology and telecommunication companies.

Stock valuations are a critical step taken to ensure an informed and sound decision is made on:

  • Whether an acquisition or an investment in a company should be made
  • Assessing the need for litigation
  • Selling an interest or buying out a partner's interest
  • Whether to perform a valuation for estate tax purposes or to gift/transfer stock or form a trust

Meticulous, Conscientious Due Diligence Reviews

BIA/Kelsey's team of analysts has the expertise to accurately determine the fair market value of a company's stock. We perform analyses using both the income and market approaches to valuation. Special attention is paid to the unique characteristics of the equity interest being valued. We perform a thorough assessment of the rights and privileges inherent in the interest being valued to accurately estimate the discounts for marketability and lack of control that may apply.

BIA/Kelsey valuation opinions are independent and defensible to withstand scrutiny from regulatory bodies and taxing authorities. Our valuation reports provide clients with the insight and data needed to make the best decisions possible.

Engage BIA/Kelsey today with your business questions, and let's explore together how we can meet your stock valuation needs. Contact us today at (703) 818-2425 or e-mail us at

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