Due Diligence

Due Diligence
Minimize Risk and Decide With Confidence

With more than 5,000 client engagements for companies in the Fortune 500 as well as start-ups of all sizes, BIA/Kelsey‘s due diligence reviews assist in validating critical financial data.

BIA/Kelsey’s financial team works to discover crucial facts about targeted companies to minimize risk related to acquisitions or investments and provide a detailed analysis of accounting and operational conditions. Access to this reliable information assures that knowledgeable and timely decisions can be made based on carefully reviewed data.

BIA/Kelsey also helps validate financial data to make certain all the information on an acquisition is known prior to the closing.

Meticulous, Conscientious Due Diligence Reviews

Our expert and independent due diligence reviews serve to increase investor confidence and satisfy federal and state regulatory concerns.

In every due diligence review we conduct, our analysts become intimately involved in the definition, planning and preparation of the reviews, culminating in valuable investment recommendations for our clients. Our reputation stands on applying our in-depth knowledge, analysis and high standards of professionalism to every client we serve.

BIA/Kelsey is a leading financial services and strategic consulting firm dedicated to the broadcasting, telecom, publishing, technology and online industries. With more than 5,000 client engagements for companies in the Fortune 500 as well as small to midsize start-ups, our experts possess the most comprehensive knowledge of the full media landscape available in the industry.

Independent and customer-focused, BIA/Kelsey is primed to deliver the best value and results for your company.

Engage BIA/Kelsey today with your business questions, and let’s explore together how we can meet your due diligence needs. Call (800) 331-5086 to discuss your business requirements or e-mail info@biakelsey.com.

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