Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

Litigation Support & Expert Testimony
Credible, Persuasive, Essential and Trustworthy Services

The Litigation Support team at BIA/Kelsey consists of highly skilled individuals with backgrounds in business appraisals, accounting, economics and litigation for the radio, television and telecommunications industries.

Our knowledge of business value - and what drives value - in the broadcast media, digital media, technology and communications industries is a critical asset for companies addressing complex contracts, negotiations, valuations, case preparation, litigation and more. Attorneys turn to us for our unbiased and highly credible appraisals and economic expertise to assist them in courtrooms across the country.

Credibility Is Crucial

BIA/Kelsey litigation support professionals provide highly credible industry accepted reports and unbiased testimony in litigation, alternative dispute resolution and bankruptcy-related matters, as well as damage claims, accounting practices, industry issues, valuations, tax and other issues.

BIA/Kelsey's decades-long specialization in the media, telecommunications and technology industries positions us as independent resources able to provide in-depth industry knowledge to aid the preparation of cases for attorneys going before the court. In addition, we can provide expert testimony lending credibility and grounding to your case. Our experience in the legal system and insight into the communications industry make BIA/Kelsey an invaluable partner and resource.

Our Team

Heading up our litigation team is William Redpath, a recognized authority in business and intangible asset valuations and trends. He has served as an expert witness in close to 100 cases.

With more than 5,000 total client engagements for companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to small and midsize start-ups, our experts possess the most comprehensive knowledge of the full media landscape available in the industry.

For more information on litigation support services, please contact us at or (703) 818-24215. We would be pleased to confidentially discuss how we can assist you.

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