Over our 30 years, BIA/Kelsey has performed a variety of projects while valuing traditional and digital media firms, technology and entertainment companies, both established and startups.

The following describes the types of valuations and appraisal projects we've completed for our clients. With over 5,000 client engagements for companies in the Fortune 500 to start-ups, our experts possess comprehensive knowledge of the full media landscape.

Traditional Media
  • Performed operational audits for a client with multiple radio stations to assure compliance among properties.
  • Appraised potential acquisitions and prepared evaluation of stock for a leading radio industry player.
  • Provided workout assistance to a radio operator who was doing business in three markets while facing a principal payment shortfall. BIA/Kelsey provided the operator with various valuation scenarios on the properties in both an orderly and forced liquidation. We provided an assessment on the sales effectiveness of the organization and provided recommendations for improvements to the advertising sales process. We also offered assessment on company’s ability to better compete for advertising dollars.
  • Assisted a television broadcaster that had defaulted on its credit payments. Our work involved a valuation of the property and recommendations for restructuring the sales, programming and technical operations of the station. We also advised the Board of Directors on possible reconfigurations of the organization and outlined several scenarios for evaluation.
  • Performed financial due diligence and operational review on a purchase by a weekly Hispanic news magazine of a competitor. This assignment also included an ongoing advisory program to assist the Client in the transition following the completion of the acquisition. This also included training the firm’s Controller to be able to complete a future due diligence.
  • Offered advisory services and valuation estimates to support investment in a media operation in the Southeastern US. Our work included valuing the assets and offering opinion on likely success of this firm across multiple media platforms including an alternative newspaper, radio properties, traffic network and specialized vertical websites specific to the markets in which this company traded.
  • Performed a valuation for a prominent media lender to evaluate the upside advertising potential of a relatively new cable television network. We contacted a number of current and prospective network advertisers to advise the finance firm of the advertising industry’s understanding of the value proposition of the network as an advertising platform for their firms or Clients.

Digital Media
  • Provided values on a web property operating in a partnership between two local media firms.
  • Completed a purchase price allocation for Enliven Marketing Technologies of Springbox, Ltd, a digital ad agency. BIA/Kelsey valued the intangible assets associated with the acquisition of Springbox. Intangible asset valuations included customer lists, trade names, and non-competition/employment agreements.
  • Performed various web site valuations for Salem Communications including Church.com, Christianity.com, ChristianJobs.com. BIA/Kelsey performed tangible and intangible asset allocations on these properties. These companies provide job listings and employment opportunities to the Christian and family-friendly community. We valued customer lists (email addresses), internet domain names, and intellectual property associated with programming code.
  • Performed web site valuation for Oklahoma City news website jointly owned by Griffin Communications and the Daily Oklahoman. BIA/Kelsey performed a fair market valuation of a company called IneedTHIS.com, which is an Oklahoma City on-line business directory.
  • Performed a fair market valuation (FMV) of streaming a website for Ampex, an early entrant in video streaming.
  • Performed a fair market valuation of local vertical websites owned by Brewer Broadcasting in Chattanooga, TN.

  • Evaluated a joint operating agreement between two prominent communications firms in a U.S. territory.
  • Evaluated the spectrum value of the EBS licenses of dozens of schools and colleges.
  • Prepared valuation of FCC licenses and testimony for a landmark case in US Tax Court using precedent-setting valuation techniques.
  • Conducted an analysis of FCC "Must Carry" rules for a prominent cable television operator.

  • Valued Captivate Networks (Digital Out-of-Home Company) company for financing purposes; Project took place prior to sale to Gannett.
  • Analyzed the impact of a Superstation carriage on a leading professional athletic association.

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