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Succeeding in National-to-Local Marketing with a Networked Approach

March 2014
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National and regional businesses see local – advertising, marketing, promotions and services – as an opportunity to drive more relevant engagement with their customers.

Market research is backing up this assertion. BIA/Kelsey's U.S. Local Media Forecast projects that locally-targeted spend by national businesses (brands, franchises, dealer/manufacturer networks and other multi-location enterprises) will grow to $52.9 billion by 2017. And, nearly two-thirds of national brands declare that they currently invest in local marketing.

One component that will be key to supporting the projected growth is the ability of brands to implement a scalable, digital marketing solution across their national-local networks.

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Questions addressed in the report include:

  • Spend on locally-targeted advertising and marketing by national brands is accelerating. What are the smart digital investments that enterprises should make to generate ROI across their networks?
  • "Owned" and "earned" digital media channels present new challenges for driving tangible results. With ROI still murky, how can business value be demonstrated at all levels of an organization?
  • The marketing priorities of corporate and local entitles often do not sync. How can service-supported platforms enable the coordination of lead generation strategies and tactics?

More details about this report available in press release, Multi-Location Businesses Investing Aggressively in Digital for Local Marketing.

Who should read this report?

Brands, franchises, dealer networks and all other multi-location enterprises – and the agencies working with them – looking to unlock the power of their networks through effective national-to-local digital marketing.

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'Harnessing the Power of Your Network for National-to-Local Marketing Success'
Tuesday, March 25, 2014
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