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Attribution: The Next Phase in the Age of Mobile Advertising

JAN. 2014
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Mobile tops the list of tech and media topics that have gained the marketplace’s attention and investment over the past few years.

Yet, advertiser adoption hasn’t caught up with mobile usage. Mobile holds a 12 percent share of U.S. consumers’ media time, but only a 3 percent share of ad revenue.

The good news is that innovative technologies are soundly countering this supply/demand imbalance and justifying sell-side monetization. The top trend is Attribution, a feedback loop of ad effectiveness that is becoming one of the most important areas of mobile ad innovation.

Being developed to speak the language of large advertisers, attribution technologies are well-equipped with data sets and capabilities that track users’ behavior and location. And, with post-ad exposure becoming the name of the game, this functionality will be a noticeable driver of success for mobile campaigns.

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Chapters in this 20-page report include:

  • Location saves the day
  • Location targeting's problems (and solutions)
  • Location powered "big data"
  • Drilling down on attribution
  • Location data analysis
  • Third party/panel data
  • Offline purchase data

Who should read this report? Advertisers, publishers and startups interesting in discovering value in mobile and the quickly developing art that is attribution.

More details about this report available in Michael Boland’s blog, Mobile Ad Attribution.

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