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BIA/Kelsey has a 30 year history of being a trusted resource to the media industry. Using a rigorous methodology, our highly respected forecasting delivers the most reliable and comprehensive Ad data estimates media businesses can use to successfully drive their budgeting process, sales initiatives and product development planning. The following describes our methodology for developing Media Ad View Plus.

Methodology Description

BIA/Kelsey has been tracking local media advertising for over 29 years. For virtually all of these years, we provided national and local market estimates for radio, television, and directories. For the past decade, we also provided these estimates for the newspaper industry.

In early 2009, BIA/Kelsey released its first comprehensive nationwide forecast for local media advertising[1]. This forecast included estimates of local advertising for 12 media sectors (radio, TV, newspaper, cable TV, direct mail, magazines, print yellow pages, interactive yellow pages, internet, out-of-home, mobile, and E-mail, Reputation and Presence Management (ERPM). These estimates and forecasts were refined and published again in 2010, and at that time we took these nationwide estimates and then allocated this data to each of the 362 CBSAs[2] and 210 TV Markets across the nation, creating the Media Ad View Plus product. This product was based on county-by-county demographic and economic data and BIA/Kelsey’s internal estimates on various media.

Starting in 2010, BIA/Kelsey began the process of breaking our local media advertising for TV markets and CBSAs into the major advertising categories. This process included examination of nationwide media advertising categories from a variety of sources. This included published data from the various media trade associations, such as the Television Advertising Bureau, Direct Marketing Association, Outdoor Advertising Bureau, Yellow Pages Association, Internet Advertising Bureau, and other published data from other research firms. Data were then compared to other in-house data and nationwide estimates were determined for advertiser categories for the 12 media segments we track.

In some cases, we had data on over 250 different categories for certain media. We analyzed the most popular categories and then grouped other smaller categories into similar larger categories to come up with the 12 major categories that account for approximately 95% of all local advertising. The categories for local advertising examined include:

  • Automotive (including auto manufacturers, auto dealers and other auto-related businesses)
  • Education
  • Financial/Insurance
  • Government/Political/Religion
  • Health Care (including pharmaceutical, hospitals and doctors)
  • Leisure/Recreation (including travel, entertainment and beer, wine & liquor)
  • Media
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants/Food services
  • Retail
  • Technology (including ISPs, telecom and computer-related)
  • General Services. General Services was a more diverse category, including many types of advertisers that did not fall into the other categories, such as home/trade contractors, attorneys, and many smaller categories.

To determine advertising by category for the 210 television markets and 362 CBSAs, we applied our nationwide category estimates to the Media Ad View Plus estimates for the 12 media categories. For example, if nationwide automotive advertising on radio was estimated at 10% of total radio advertising, this percentage was then applied to our specific radio advertising estimate for each market. We then analyzed demographic and economic data for each television market and CBSA to adjust for market-specific differences. For example, if the per capita retail expenditures in a given market were above average, we increased our estimate for retail advertising in that market.

At this point, we created 2010 estimates for the 12 major advertising categories for each of the 12 local media segments in all 210 TV markets and 362 CBSAs. The final step was to take this data and to combine it with our Media Ad View Plus forecasted growth for each local media segment to determine the estimates by category for 2010 and 2015. To derive the 2010 estimates for each advertiser category estimate we applied the BIA/Kelsey TV market or CBSA specific media percentage increase to the 2010 TV Market or CBSA advertiser category estimate derived above. We adjusted the Government/Political/Religion totals to reflect the competitiveness of the local political races for 2010 and 2015. We checked these estimates with publicly available information of many different public companies that are part of these 12 advertiser categories.

New Analysis that Responds to Client Requests

In response to client response to our Media Ad View Plus product, we enhanced the level of detail now available. Taking the estimates for the 12 general advertiser categories, we have drilled down further to provide estimates for 94 business categories using specific local economic and demographic information. Estimates for those subcategories are provided for each of the 210 TV markets and 362 CBSA markets for each of the 12 different media.

Similar calculations were made to generate the 2011-2016 CBSA advertiser category estimates using the BIA/Kelsey TV market or CBSA specific media.

It should be noted that the resulting product should be considered as approximate estimates. The purpose of these reports is to provide a general view of what is going on in local advertising markets and how the advertising pie may shift in the future. This data can be used to assist in budgeting and to develop strategies to increase a local media outlet’s share of local advertising. The detailed category estimates results pages can also be used as a sales tool to present to local clients, helping them to correctly allocate their advertising spending.

No more guessing to see what will work in your market - with Media Ad View Plus, your decisions will be based on sound research and analysis.

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1 We define local media advertising as advertising that is placed on local media outlets, including national, regional and local ads placed on radio stations, television stations, newspapers, etc.
2 CBSAs are Core Base Statistical Areas, defined by the Bureau of Census, and represent local economic areas.

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