Media Ad View
Seven Powerful Business Advantages

For any business, Media Ad View Plus offers seven powerful business advantages to drive your local business success:


Media Ad View Plus is a crticial tool to help drive your local business success:

  • Never miss opportunitiesSet budgets that correspond with accurate ad spending forecasts
  • Expand your offeringsAdjust your product mix to reflect advertiser desire
  • Go after real dollars Identify growing advertiser categories and defend where needed
  • Capitalize on digitalunderstand where advertisers are migrating online (i.e., display, search, video, classifieds/vertical sites)
  • Scrutinize local effectivenesscompare your local market to the national average
  • Recognize all competitors identify all the media businesses nipping at your heals
  • Diversify your media/technology offeringsdetermine multiplatform offers that will be tantalizing to local market targets

Developed by BIA/Kelsey, the trusted resource for local ad estimates and forecasts for the past 30 years, Media Ad View Plus is the industry's most reliable and comprehensive local market ad forecasts.

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