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Developed by BIA/Kelsey, the trusted resource for local ad estimates and forecasts for the past 30 years, Media Ad View Plus is designed to help you drive results.

Media Ad View Plus Features Benefits
Advertising estimates for the 12 primary media in local markets and nationwide Understand the size of market and comparing how your media is performing versus your direct and indirect competition and your peers
Five year ad spending forecasts for all 12 media and each business category, with comparisons to the nation as a whole Identify future opportunities or threats, estimating future revenue potential based on your expected market shares and designing winning sales strategies
Markets broken down by the U.S. Census Bureau’s 362 Core Based Statistical Areas or 210 local TV markets Focus on the market definition most relevant for your business and analysis
Detailed breakdowns of local advertising into 94 concise business categories Conduct comparative analyses of your potential customers and the opportunity to pursue targeted strategies
Business category ad spends based on its revenue generation in the local market Provide a more accurate picture of the advertising spend, allowing for more grounded conclusions
Pure online ad spending by business categories Assess the opportunity or threat from the shift to digital
Aggregation of market totals for multiple market purchasers Compare each of your markets and generating a composite of all your markets
Forecasts of what local TV stations and cable systems are generating in local markets View "pure" estimates of what local TV stations are generating in a particular market, without mixing other national data including network advertising
Reports delivered in an interactive Excel format Provide secure, 24/7 access to reports and all report updates, including access via a mobile application
Downloadable reports Generate high quality presentations easily
Quick print pages and a linked table of contents Search and cross reference data quickly and effectively
BIA/Kelsey’s research and competitive intelligence is backed by our sound, industry-proven forecasting methods and experience. When basing critical company decisions on research data, you can be confident in these reports. Truth be told, even our competitors purchase and use our research.

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