Media Ad View
Detailed Tracking of Local and Nationwide Ad Forecasts

Are you tracking local (s) ad revenue? Do you want to know what different business categories are spending in local markets? Would you like to compare local dollars against a nationwide forecast? Are you interested in knowing all the competitors you face in your market(s)?

Look no further than BIA/Kelsey's highly acclaimed local market Ad forecast report: Media Ad View Plus. Delivering the media industry's most reliable, comprehensive data and insights, Media Ad View is used by many of the largest media companies in the U.S. to evaluate market opportunities across multiple dimensions: market, media and business category.

Media Ad View Plus Delivers:

Media Ad View Plus
  • Nationwide Forecast

  • Advertising estimates for the 12 primary media and ad categories in local markets and nationwide with breakdowns into 94 concise business categories

  • Detailed pictures of the spending in local markets around vital business categories like automotive, retail, health care and real estate.

  • Analysis of digital spending distribution to examine what dollars are being spent online and where.

  • Cumulative data that supports comparative analysis:
    • Ad revenue across all media in a local market
    • Local spend to nationwide spend

  • Pure online advertiser spends by business categories in local markets

  • And, for multiple market purchasers, aggregate totals for each of the advertiser categories in those markets

Media Ad View Plus Instantly Accessible:

  • Downloadable interactive spreadsheet that is easy to view, cross-reference, compare, print, sort, and export into presentations

  • Online access so you can view the reports anywhere you happen to be - at work, at home or on the road – on whatever portable device you choose

Used by some of the largest media companies to track local market data and gather competitive intelligence, Media Ad View Plus is helping companies drive real local business success.

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