Custom Research

Custom Research
Customized, Reliable, Comprehensive Market Research

For years, clients have relied on BIA/Kelsey for reliable, comprehensive broadcast industry market research. We have helped clients by providing the information necessary for market analysis, geographic expansion, business planning, entry into new markets, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and valuations.

BIA/Kelsey collects and verifies information on ownership, markets, ratings, demographics, revenues and much more. We offer historical, current and projected data in a variety of formats. Our proprietary data is highly scrutinized and valued for its accuracy.

We can perform custom research projects to satisfy even the most particular business needs.

Examples of custom research projects:
  • FCC Geographic Market Reports
  • Competitive overviews
  • Marketing and sales lead mailing Lists
  • Format (radio) or Affiliation (TV) Studies
  • Coverage Maps
  • Deal transactions- find out who owned what at a particular point in time
  • Top owners ranked by advertising revenues
  • Station analysis
  • Radio owner history reports
  • Affiliate identification
  • Ownership market revenue share reports
  • Comparable Sales Analysis
Breadth and depth of BIA/Kelsey's data allows you to:
  • Track the financial health of markets
  • Explore market demographics
  • Examine why market share is growing or slipping
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Evaluate data from different aspects
  • Assess how things have been changing over time
  • Review data trends at particular points in time

Arming yourself with accurate information is critical. Rely on BIA/Kelsey's data gathering legacy for all your research needs.

Example Reports

Broadcast/Newspaper Data
  • FCC Geographic Market Data - Home-to-market and station information used when filing a station purchase with the FCC. It clearly defines that the purchaser meets current FCC ownership guidelines within a market.
  • Competitive Overviews - Current station technical specs, 12+ ratings performance, estimated advertising revenues, ownership and transaction information available by Arbitron market or television markets.
  • Marketing and Sales Lead Mailing Lists - With more than six critical function titles, you can receive a targeted list in electronic, print or label format. You choose the function or title you are interested in obtaining, and a full contact list is generated.
  • Technical Information - Station technical data for operations meeting search criteria, such as power, antenna height, latitude and longitude, frequency (radio) or channel (TV), DTV specs, and hundreds more!
  • Format (Radio) or Affiliation (TV) Studies - See how formats or affiliations are performing in a market or industry-wide and where there may be potential opportunities.
  • Newspaper - Compare circulation and advertising revenue between papers, owners or markets.
  • Multi-Media - Assess acquisition opportunities by viewing more than one media. Results by owner, county, Radio MSA or TV DMA.
  • Coverage Maps - View initial contour overlaps and coverage for consolidation inquiries.
  • Station Analysis - How does one station compare to its competition in a market? In a format category? To the other stations owned by the same owner? Fields of information can include technical data, ratings, and estimated advertising revenues.
Ownership Data
  • Top Owners Ranked by BIA/Kelsey's Estimated Advertising Revenues - This report gives you the top estimated advertising (and circulation for newspaper) revenue-producing owners in radio, television or newspaper, as well as number of markets, number of stations/papers/systems, and total audience estimates.
  • Top Owners Ranked by Number of Units Owned and/or Operated (LMAs) - In this report, you will obtain the top owners in radio, television or newspaper by number of stations, papers, or systems owned and operated.
  • Top Owners Ranked by Audience or Percent of U.S. Covered - The companies that reach the largest listening, viewing, or reading audiences.
  • Comparable Sales Analyses - If you are looking to acquire or sell in the media industry, this comparable sales analysis reveals the price paid for comparable units in markets of similar size.
  • Radio Owner Ratings History Reports - View the Arbitron 12+ station performance trending by market or owner for the last five ratings periods.
  • Marketing and Sales Lead Mailing Lists - Need to market or sell to the executives at the ownership level? This targeted list can be created in electronic, print or label format for the primary corporate personnel positions.
  • Ownership Market Revenue Share Reports - Check the share of total estimated revenue of owners in specific markets.
Market Data
  • Market Overviews - Track the financial and demographic health of markets.
  • Coverage Maps - Customize maps to the contours of stations, newspapers or systems in markets for visualizing where the opportunities lie.
  • Market Financial Report - Look at projected estimated revenues and growth rates by market or view the historic data going back five years. You can also use other technical factors that make up a market.
  • Market Demographic Report - Track the demographic growth of a market through population, households, retail sales, effective buying income, per capita income and ethnic population count breakdowns.

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Recent Projects

Newspaper Company
Identified all commercial and non-commercial stations in a particular market. Data included Calls, AM or FM, Station Mail State & Zip Code, Station Phone, & Fax, Station Website, 2009 Station Revenue, Licensed FM & AM Frequencies, Format, Parent Company, Owner, Year Started and General Sales Manager name.
Investment Research & Management Firm
Identified all Mexican radio stations with a city of license to Tijuana Mexico.
Law Firm
Identified all stations owned by a particular group, including stations involved in pending sales. Data included call letters, AM/FM, Licensee Name, Market Name, Market Rank, City of License, Pending Deals, and Prospective Buyers.

Transaction Activity

Transaction Activity

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